When Brent is not on the road touring with various artists, he devotes his time to working in the studio.

    When asked about his thoughts on technology and the music industry, he responded, “The music industry is undergoing some major changes.  The internet can be a great resource to musicians, making it possible to collaborate with others, not only in your own backyard, but around the world. By embracing the many changes in technology, artists will gain the ability to work with new people and different styles.  After all, technology isn’t going away any time soon.”

    Brent loves the recording environment, and thrives in it.  His “take charge” mindset, and relaxed, personable attitude shine through even when time is short.  His musicianship and “producer-like” thought process, coupled with a desire for quality work makes him sought after in the studio.

    When it comes to programming drums, Brent has been “blowing people away” with his work.  His quality, realistic drum sounds, and his ear for mixing drums gives you a GREAT product you won’t be disappointed with. Brent’s goal is to be accessible to everyone, and his rates reflect it. “Other companies out there will charge one-and-a-half to upwards of three times what I charge. By working with me you will be receiving the benefits of a one-on-one working relationship, in addition to the quality sounds comparable to many of the larger companies.” By working with Brent, you can be confident in the quality of music you will receive due to his hard-working attitude and great attention to detail. Turnaround time on most tracks averages 1 or 2 days.

    If you’re interested in hiring Brent to record on your tracks in the studio or to program drums for you, Brent can be reached through the Contact page, or click here to be taken to the page.