Drummer, Brent Clifford, possesses a style and stage presence that is uniquely his. No matter what style of music or where he’s playing, people in the crowd can’t help but be drawn in to his bare-footed, energizing performance.

    Brent grew up in Texas with strong family values and a sense of who he wanted to be as a man personally and professionally. Authenticity is a part of who Brent is on stage and off. Playing the drums is a passion and a joy for him, and you can see it on his face!

    Originally Brent’s musical dream was all about following in the footsteps of his childhood idol and friend, Ben Howell, by playing the trumpet. Fortunately for music lovers, an improper embouchure prevented this dream from ever happening. Brent’s focus turned from playing the trumpet to the drums. As his musical passions and interests changed, so did his role model. Brent now admires legendary drummers Steve Gadd and David Garibaldi. He enjoys their playing style saying, “With them it’s all about the music and playing a groove, not about being flashy and showy.”

    Brent began playing drums when he was 13. His parents bought him a set of beginner drums and Brent played his heart out. In high school, he earned a coveted spot on the Richardson High School drum line. Brent divided his time working hard on the drums and mowing lawns so that he could save up enough money to buy a bigger, better drum set. By the time he was 16, he had saved enough to purchase a full set of Tama drums. His determination and love of playing spurred him on to turn pro straight out of high school. Since then, Brent has been blessed with the opportunity to receive training from well known drummers, Jim Riley and award winning clinician Rich Redmond.

    “Playing drums is a major passion of mine. I love the synergy that happens when great players lock in together.” Brent continued, “When the bass player and drummer are laying down solid grooves; the lead player lays down some tasty licks and the rhythm player is groovin’ – that’s when music becomes fun.”

    Brent’s Texas sized grin unmasks his genuine love of performing every time he’s behind the kit. His playing and contagious energy enhance the performance of the bands he’s playing with, kicking the show up to a whole new level. His presence is unobtrusive, but once he starts playing it’s impossible not to get caught up in his intensity and rhythm. He gets absorbed in the music and is fully engaged from his signature bare feet to his rocking head and fluid movements around the set.

    Music is his companion, and he’s not limited by genre. He plays passionately whether it’s rock, country, R&B, gospel, 50’s, patriotic, or rockabilly. His driving beat gives the audience a rhythm and a reason to tap their feet. Rhythm and energy is in his blood, and he helps pull a show together whether it’s a more intimate gathering for 15 – 20 people, or in front of 8,000 screaming fans.

    By no means is Brent a one dimensional person. He loves life and living it. Although he now resides in Tennessee, he still takes time out of his international tour schedule to head to Texas to spend time with family and friends. This easy going, sandal loving musician is at home wherever he finds himself – whether it’s horseback riding in the Texas Hill Country, snowboarding in Banff, Alberta, Canada, or whitewater rafting in southeast Tennessee.


    "Brent Clifford is a drummer who I enjoy watching as well as listening to. Brent understands how a drummer’s attitude and conscious involvement in the song can add immensely to a band’s overall live performance."
    -Ali Anderson, Live Concert Producer

    "Brent has a really cool 'energy' about him. Positive energy! From the moment you see him walking into the session you're thinking "I'm gonna have fun playing with this guy." He's a great player, is always well rehearsed, and has a professional demeanor that is top notch in every sense. Most importantly, he's a beautiful human being from the inside out...I'm proud to call him my friend!"
    -Michael Hill, Touring Bass Player

    "Brent’s attention to detail shines through in all that he does. Quite frankly, he’s solid. Every time he’s played for me, he’s in the pocket, driving the groove and having the time of his life. He really loves to play and that infectious spirit shines through all that he does. I recommend him without question."
    -Jeff Anderson, Record Producer / theCRICKETtoy

    "Brent is awesome. He's a cool guy who looks GREAT under stage lights. And under my expert tutelage...is a freakin' awesome drummer. What I didn't have time to teach him, Jim Riley took care of. So Brent is more drummer than most gigs need. Whatever your gig, it will be better with Brent holding down the pocket."
    -Glenn Williams

    "I've enjoyed working with Brent both in live and studio situations. With his dedication, enthusiasm, selflessness, and musicianship beyond his years, Brent has a promising future in the music biz."
    -Sean Neff

    "Just wanted to let you know we're just about done with the album and your work is so great! Exactly what I wanted. Loved working with you!"
    -Allan Hall