As I have been working through the idea of “positioning” myself to succeed, many ideas (both good and bad) have gone through my mind.  I find myself quieter than usual, and more reserved…pensive.  I think it’s important to remember that as we look for ways to “position” ourselves differently, our perspective on the situation changes.  When we open our minds and eyes to different possibilities and opportunities…decide to widen our scope of vision…we need to recognize our perspective into situations and opportunities changes.

I have been entertaining ideas such as:

  • writing parts for drum lines
  • drum programming
  • recording drums in studios
  • touring or staying put

I haven’t determined which one to focus on or put most of my energy into, or how to divide my energy to still be productive on a few of them, or even if I could feasibly do all.  But as a musician, I need to have my hands in a few different pots.  Your investment manager would call it diversifying.  You don’t put all your eggs in one basket because if the basket disappears, you’re screwed.  As a side note, if you need any of the above-mentioned, contact me…it’s VERY simple.

So while I “position” myself to succeed in music, my perspective widens, and allows me to diversify.  It all works together.  I feel my career in music needs to be run like a business.  Afterall, I have a business degree from a university in Texas, so, if the blogs seem business oriented, it’s important that you see your career, your life, as a business.  Read “You, Inc” if you have any doubts…