Happy 2011 to all y’all!  I’m back in Texas visiting my parents.  Can you tell?

This year I will begin to really work hard at making more connections in the music industry, both in Canada and in the US.  I am going to have the software and the programs on my computer that will allow me to continue doing some drum programming.  I will probably add a page here on my site dedicated to drum programming.  I will upload a few samples and have a little information on the page, and then hopefully I will get a few new people each month to allow me to program drums on their demos/etc.  Still getting my computer completely set-up for it, but, hopefully by February 1, I will be able to offer that service.

When in the music industry, it’s important to have more than one thing going for you.  A good friend told me to have my hands in more than one facet of music.  Performing, recording, road managing, etc.  It may seem like I would be trying to be a “jack of all trades,” but in reality I am trying to develop other areas, besides just being a road drummer, in order to support myself.  If I lose the band, I have lost my musical income, and back to working part-time jobs ALL the time.  So this year, I am focusing on diversifying my areas in music.  A lot of that comes with POSITION.  I will be “positioning” myself in such a way that I can succeed, and begin building key relationships.  My keyword this year will be “position.”

Sports comes to mind when the word “position” appears.  If a player isn’t in position, their chances of blocking the shot, or scoring a goal, or spiking the ball, are not good.  Only when we line ourselves up, and position ourselves in the right area, do we increase our chances of winning, succeeding, etc.  So, this year, I want to “position” myself to succeed.  Join me!  It doesn’t mean making a million dollars…to me.  Small, consistent wins are just as important as hitting it big every now and then.  But, I want small, consistent steps in the right direction.

Position yourself to succeed this year.